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<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-28" src="" alt="" width="1920" height="1080" srcset=" 1920w,×169.jpg 300w,×432.jpg 768w, cheap authentic jordans×576.jpg 1024w” sizes=”(max-width: 1920px) 100vw, 1920px” />

High in the sky appeared Cheap Jordan Sale greenish glint and there was a deafening bang. <span 2016-11-04 title=”To jí vytrhlo z přemýšlení, lekla se a srdce se jí zběsile rozbušilo.”>It jolted her from thinking, frightened and her heart was pounding furiously. What could it be? She asked herself. Commissioned few symbols to a device that was attached to the left hand. Use it to remotely merged with the ship to find out what had just happened over her head. cheap ray ban sungalsses She stared at the display.

On board of Ship Ian Hus ran everything as it should. Intergalactic spaceship it shuffled constant rate ¾ speed of light to his stated goal, namely to star in Nuevo Concepcion system Epsilon Eriadni where Space Agency settlement two centuries ago, has detected at least three planets with relatively favorable atmosphere for human life. On board this the Ship, seconded by the Czech Republic, currently occupied by some 35,000 souls, of whom only a small fraction was awake, others rolled ham in hibernation devices Jablotron chill asleep, unconscious, not dead and alive also not .

The sad truth, however, was that passengers (including other Starfleet) were not called to that noble goal colonize distant parts of the universe. In fact, they were victims of the Treaty of Paris, which is the year 2325 most of the then superpowers – North American Socialist Federation, the European Union Soviets, Ciro (China Rossiya), African associated assembly plants, Switzerland and Texas is committed to reducing the population by 15% in the form of fictitious dispatch of settlement space fleets. This adventure whose right, but concealed purpose was to relieve cheap jerseys wholesale the overpopulated planet Earth, of course, where one rushed. Under the pretext of strict entry psychological settlement but were selected by the Agency only such people who were the least beneficial to human society. On board the space ships it therefore teeming with politics, gypsies, workers Pi AR and advertising agencies, political scientists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, feminists, queers, conceptual artists, journalists and similar trash. Crowded planet he simply could not afford the luxury to continue to nurture them. At a time of scarce resources in the post tavomoru when mankind is at the level of science and technology fell by 500 years back, it was disproportionately high burden.

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